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Document and Paper Recovery

Our Document and Paper Recovery Process

Our comprehensive document and paper recovery process are designed to restore your documents to their pre-damage condition, ensuring their continued usefulness and value. Here’s how we do it:

  • Assessment and Inventory: We begin by conducting a detailed assessment of your damaged documents, including their type, extent of damage, and priority for recovery. We create a comprehensive inventory to track the restoration process.
  • Document Stabilization: To prevent further damage, we stabilize the documents by carefully handling and securing them. This includes protecting them from additional exposure to moisture or contaminants.
  • Document Drying and Decontamination: Our specialized document drying techniques, which involve controlled environments, gentle airflow, and moisture removal, are employed to restore the documents to their optimal state. We also decontaminate to eliminate potential health hazards.
  • Cleaning and Restoration: We use meticulous cleaning and restoration techniques to remove contaminants and restore the visual appearance of your documents, ensuring they are free from odors, mold, and discoloration.
  • Final Inspection and Packaging: Before returning your restored documents, we perform a thorough final inspection to ensure they meet our quality standards. We then carefully package and label them for safe return to you.
  • Preventative Recommendations: We provide recommendations on how to safeguard your documents from future water damage, ensuring their long-term protection.

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